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Mitigate risk, enhance capacity: audit and review.

Help your team ensure plans, process, policy and resources support effective media relations, whether it's business-as-usual or a time of crisis.

Our experience has served national organisations during major issues including cyber attacks and health emergencies.

Audit and development experts. Self-to-scale trainers. Part of the team. #BeGifted

Boost knowledge, find your voice: media training

Run as group or 1-1 sessions, our flexible courses are tailored in content and duration to your business and staff needs and operate on three levels, from foundation to advanced training.

Level 1: Foundation learning – about the media
Level 2: Intermediate training – basic interview skills
Level 3: Advanced training – handling interviews and issues

Delegates will come away with a confident working knowledge of the media and a tailored suite of reference resources for your business. Advanced delegates will also receive a feedback report and interview recordings.

All in the planning: process and resource development

We’re specialists in developing in-house and cross-agency media management process and resources, which can make all the difference between supporting staff through a managed issue or a full-blown crisis.

We’ll help you to test what works, what doesn’t and what’s missing – and can help support planning development, staff training and scenario testing.

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