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The truth will out: integrity and reputation management
01 Dec 2020
By Kristina, Gifted MD One summer, during my former career as a child, I was given a very important task – or to be immodest a mission very similar in stature to guarding the...
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Why a key message can unlock failure: the race for Number 10
11 Apr 2020
We’ve never winced as much – save enduring a Thai massage (to note, NOT relaxing) than when watching the 2019 race for number 10. Dwindling interest in what felt like a fait accompli process,...
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Why what you don’t know is as important as what you do
15 Feb 2020
By Kristina, Gifted MD Over the years I’ve worked with a lot of very clever people. This is inspiring and terrifying in equal measure. In more simple, primitive times before Facebook, selfie sticks and...
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Specialism, association and finding work-life balance
06 Aug 2019
We need to talk about David. Not Cameron. Or Miliband (to be non-partisan), or the ridiculous man off Baywatch idolised by Germans. And definitely, absolutely, not the one who worships space lizards (each to...
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